Odrl : 144 | Andy : 103, 128, 150

A good match so far...

Frame 1: And made an elementary safety error, missing the red. With a free ball Odrl cleared the table for 144.

Frame 2: This time Odrl made the safety mistake, with Andy clearing for 128.

Frame 3: Andy again won the safety battle and scored 75 points to secure the frame on a difficult table.

Frame 4: Both players had their chances, and it came down to a safety battle on the last 3 reds. Odrl got a snooker to pot 2 of them, and then ended up leaving a difficult long pot on the last red. Andy just missed the pot, Odrl then cleared the remaining points including a critical difficult final blue.

Frame 5: The longest safety battle of the matcg, with Odrl consistently finding himself snookered. After many successful escapes he finally left a red. And did not clear the table but secured a century and the frame.

To be continued....

Frame 6: After some safety, Odrl potted a plant and constructed a break of 52, with the black unavailable. He missed frame ball, trying to get on another red. That left Andy 50 behind with 51 on, but Andy missed his first black. After some more safety, the frame finally went to Odrl.

Frame 7: A lot of delicate safety shots early in the frame. Odrl played a poor shot, trying to pot a red to the green pocket, missed it by a mile, but covered it. A couple of shots later Andy left a possible red to a blind pocket. Odrl missed it, but split the reds all over the table. Andy lost position after a double click, but was able to play a good snooker to win the frame in two visits.

Frame 8: Odrl went for another plant, but got nowhere near. :) The table was slightly tricky, but Andy won the frame for 5-3.

Frame 9: Odrl inexplicably missed the pack on a safety shot, probably cueing over the green with side. Andy got a free ball, had some early trouble with position, but then played a wonderful brown from the baulk cushion. It was probably the best shot of the match, as he needed to split the pack as well. He then kept perfect position for a break of 150. :)

It was Andy\'s tactical play that was the key in the 2nd session. Odrl only had one scoring visit in four frames, while Andy had 9.

Good luck in the final. I will get you next time. ;)