Andy : 147, 125 | Bieniek : 116

A faced paced match, with short safety battles.

Frame 1 - Andy got an early chance, and won the frame with 88.

Frame 2 - Andy won the safety battle again, this time clearing up for a maximum 147.

Frame 3. Andy scored 26 but potted a red when splitting the pack. Bieniek scored75 to win.

Frame 4 - Andy again scored 88 to win.

Frame 5 - Andy had the first chance but ran out of position. Bieniek scored48 before getting into trouble. Andy then cleared the remaining points to win.

Frame 6 - Bieniek was crusing to a win but had some bad lack and lost position. And made the clearance to win.

Frame 7. After som early safety, Bieniek smashed into the pack and potted a red. I d not know if this was a plant or lucky as Bieniek had to leave. He quickly scored enough points to win.

Match will complete tomorrow.

Session 2:

Frame 8 - Bieniek won the safety battle, forcing an error by Andy. Bieniek potted the red, but missed the black while scattering the reds. And potted a red, but the potted the white when potting the black, the white deflecting off a red into the middle pocket. Bieniek cleared up with 116.

Frame 9 - Bieniek made a safety error, leaving Andy with a blind red. Andy potted it, continuing to clear the table for 125.

Thanks, and good luck :)