Andy : 136, 112, 111 | Odrl : 130, 112, 114

High-quality breakbuilding in the first session, with the scoreline tied at 2-2. I will gladly take it, as it could have been 4-0. :)

Frame 1: Andy dominated the safety exchange, getting a snooker on practically every shot. Eventually I had to play a two-cushion escape and left it short. Andy could see a red, which was all he needed, as he made a frame-winning break. He could have made a century, but missed the penultimate red.

Frame 2: It was the same pattern, Andy played excellent safety until I left a red at the edge of the pack. He then made a total clearance of 136.

Frame 3: After the early safety exchange, I played a red away from the pack and left the white near the black. This meant the safety was then being played from the black end of the table. We each played a couple of shots into the pack off the side cushion, until I made a mistake. The white went past the pink, which left Andy a pot to the middle. He opened the reds up nicely, but then unexpectedly missed a red to the middle. I cleared the table with a break of 112.

Frame 4: I was very lucky in this frame. Andy again played good safety and got me behind the green a couple of times. I left a sitter on one of my escapes, but Andy did not see it, so he played safe. :) After a couple of shots, I found a plant and cleared the table with 130.

2nd session:

Frame 5: After a safety exchange, I spotted a 4-ball plant in the middle of the pack. I potted it and split the pack at the same time. The black was slightly awkward, so I played a couple of greens and lower colours at the start of the break, before fully developing the black and pink. It was a somewhat low total clearance of 114, to give me the lead in the match for the first and only time.

Frame 6: The safety duel here was very interesting. After the early exchange, reds started moving out of the pack, so we played delicate safety at the black end. I went for a red to the yellow pocket, which was my last chance to really do anything in the match. Unfortunately I missed, and Andy potted a nice red to the middle pocket. The table was not perfect, but he made a good frame-winning break.

Frame 7: Once again some safety at the start of the frame, but not much this time. I made an early mistake, leaving a pot at the edge of the pack. Andy had some difficulty to get in perfect position early in the break, but then managed to take 14 reds and blacks. The last red was in baulk near the green. In playing for it, the green blocked the pocket after a cannon, ending the break on 112.

Frame 8: A good long safety duel at the start. The brown and yellow together were a decent target to get in behind. We both managed it a couple of times, but also successfully escaped. My last shot of the match was not a brilliant one unfortunately. I thought there was a chance of another plant, but it turned out to be one too many. Andy made his third century, a 111 to win the match.

In all honesty, I played as well as I am capable of, but Andy was even better. I think his tactical superiority is what decided the match in the end. Looking forward to our next meeting, and good luck in the semi-finals. :)