Andy : 110, 117, 110 | Barteek : 112, 114

Frame 1: Barteek made a safety mistake, Andy then scored 117. Missed the final brown of the clearance.

Frame 2: Barteek took on a difficult red. He missed but potted a different red. Unable to pot a colour, he attempted a safety but left a red available. Andy scored 110.

Frame 3: Andy left a difficult red, Barteek comfortably potted it and scored 112, also missing the final brown.

Frame 4: Barteek made safety error. Andy attacked 147 but missed a black off the spot. Barteek then missed the same black. Andy secured the frame.

Frame 5: Barteek had opportunity for supermaximum. On course for a 148 until potting the white off the final black before the colours.

Frame 6: After a safety battle, Barteek took on a very difficult red. Andy punished the mistake, clearing for 110 on a difficult table.

Thanks for match, good luck in the rest of the tournament.