Andy : 104, 115, 127, 105, 147 | Bieniek : 132, 124

A good first session. I won the opening frame with a 147, and then took the next 2 frames including another century.

Bieniek then fought back with 3 straight wins, including 2 consecutive centuries.

Andy then won frame 7 with a clearance of 127.

Continues tomorrow.

Only time for 1 quick frame today. Andy had the first chance, but had a bad split, leaving lots of reds, but none pottable. Andy was unable to leave it safe, leaving a tricky table for Bieniek.

Bieniek ran out of position and attempted a snooker. Unfortunately for him, he fell just short of the colour, snookering himself. Andy took advantage of the snooker, making Bieniek continue and foul. Andy then secured the frame.

Final Session: Andy won the safety battle, being left a long red into the yellow pocket and winning the frame with a break of 115.

In frame 10, Bieniek took on a risky pot, leaving the ball over the pocket. Despite the blue blocking the pot, Andy player the red using the cushion and lots of side rotation. Andy then scored 104 before running out of position.

Thanks for match and good luck.