Andy : 118, 110 | Selbynho : 144

Frame 1 was perhaps the longest frame I have ever played. Extremely long safety battle and a very difficult table led to the frame being over 2 hours! I had the first chance but could not clear the table. Selby then had difficulty, leaving me an opportunity to wrap up the win.

Frame 2 saw some bad luck. Selby potted a white while potting the pink after a free ball. After some safety I took on a very difficult red and potted it. Unfortunately the white hit 2 other reds and went in. I managed to win the frame after this.

I then won frames 3 and 4, including one century.

Selby won frame 5 with a great 144 break.

After some interesting safety play with a red over a middle pocket, I managed to get my chance and win the frame with a 110.

Thanks for a very enjoyable game and good luck in future :)