A decent quality match...

Frame 1: Arthur dominated the safety exchange, but I got the first real chance of the match. I was not in great control of the break, but I did win the frame in one visit, missing the final brown.

Frame 2: I got the first chance again, but quickly lost position. I tried to play a delicate snooker behind the black. I missed it and left a long pot for Arthur. He made a flawless break. Unfortunately we had some connection problems, so he could not quite complete the clearance.

Frame 3: I won the frame in two visits. I broke down on about 50 and had to play a safety shot. Arthur misjudged his reply, so I got another chance and made enough this time. Arthur played on for snookers, but did not get them.

Frame 4: There was some safety played at the start of the frame. I found two plants, but did not make anything significant off them. I was desperate to continue my break, so I went for another ambitious plant, which I missed. Arthur played a couple of good shots to open up the reds, but lost position on the black. He played a snooker behind the black. I tried to play a delicate escape off the side cushion, and just managed to leave everything safe. Arthur played a similar shot, but left me a thin cut, which I got. I did enough to win the frame.

Frame 5: The final frame was the most dramatic. I got the first scoring visit. I potted the loose reds, then tried to split the pack off the side cushion. Unfortunately, the pink went in the middle. Arthur had the chance to win the frame, but left himself a tricky black which would have left me needing snookers. He missed it, 38 ahead, but still 43 on the table. I cleared to win by 1 point on the black.

Good luck in you next match, and I look forward to our next encounter. :)