Andy : 125, 125

Frame 1: Andy got to table but played a poor positional shot on 59. A short safety battle left Andy with a chance for a red and the frame.

Frame 2: A longer safety battle. Andy left Tokai a difficult red which he smashed in and scored 70+.

Frame 3: Andy put Tokai in a difficult snooker behind the brown. He left a red available. Andy scored 125.

Frame 4: Tokai has a chance but missed on 43. I took advantage to clear table and win frame.

Frame 5: I had a free ball chance but could not open the reds. I then made a safety error. Tokai potted the first red. He had bad luck opening the pack and could not quite pot the red, leaving it over the pocket. I cleared for my second 125 of the match.

Thanks for game, good luck in future matches.